1.Spring Rolls (4)                 

Crepes stuffed with ground chicken, glass noodles, cabbage, carrot and mushroom. Deep fried and served with spicy sweet & sour sauce. Vegetarian also available.

2. Lumpia (6)                     

Crepes stuffed with ground beef, chicken, carrot, potato, and onion. Deep fried and served with special sauce.

3. Fried Wontons (12)         

Wonton skin stuffed with ground chicken and spices. Deep fried and served with Benjarong sweet & sour sauce.

4. Satay                               

Choice of chicken or pork. Marinated and grilled on a skewer. Served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish.

5. Stuffed Angel Wings (2)     

Boned chicken wings. Stuffed with minced chicken, glass noodles, mushroom, carrot, and cabbage in special spices. Served with sweet & sour sauce.

6. Spicy Liver                            

Breaded livers, sautéed in garlic and spices. Served with spicy sauce.

7. Wrapped Shrimp               

Deep fried shrimp wrapped with spiced ground chicken and egg noodle, served with sweet & sour sauce.

8. Crab Favorite                     

Minced chicken, crab meat, shrimp and spices. Served with sweet & sour sauce.

9. Fish Cakes                         

Fish cake patties seasoned with curry paste and green bean. Deep fried and served with cucumber relish.

10. Gulf of Siam Platter      

An assortment of deep fried battered seafood: shrimp, calamari, scallops, fish, and mussel. Served with spicy sweet & sour sauce.

11. Grilled Shrimp or Scallops  

Choice of grilled shrimp or scallops on a skewer with a special sauce.

12. Tofu Delight                  

Deep fried tofu. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Served with sweet & sour sauce, topped with ground peanuts.

13. Vegetable Tempura           

An assortment of deep fried battered vegetables. Served with special sauce.

14. Curry Puffs                       

Thai Pastries stuffed with stir fried ground chicken, mimed white onion, potato and curry powder. Deep fried till gold brown crispy.

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